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Whether you're looking for one-on-one consultation or help with entire teams and cohorts, A Legit Leader can help with a wide range of services and specialties, designed to fit your needs for current competence and future growth.

Individual Coaching

Customized, one-on-one consultation, optimized to help you overcome your specific management efforts, such as career development, performance management, running effective meetings, and many more. Typical coaching engagements can last several months and cover multiple areas of focus.

Technical Leadership Mentoring

Ongoing support for CTOs and technical founders, looking for suggestions and strategies for specific tactical challenges, offered by a founder and 4X CTO who has a wide range of applicable startup and decision-making experiences.

Cultural Facilitation

One- to two-day facilitated workshops, to help your team establish their values and agreements, and instill a greater sense of cohesion and collaboration in your organization. 

Group Management Training

Schooling to help a squad of leaders align with the same set of management practices and standards. Developed with learning and training experts, this curriculum is modifiable, and can be administered online or in-person/onsite.

Click this button to start a conversation, and find out how A Legit Leader can help you thrive!

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